Word In Motion Collaborations

Things are moving apace with our Word In Motion exhibition and we’re pleased to be able to start announcing some of the exciting collaborations between writers and motion artists that you’ll be seeing on the Underground come January 16th.

Over the next few days we’ll be letting you know who’s bringing who to life. We’ve got some great people involved and you’ll soon be able to find full profiles of all our contributors at the Word In Motion page on our website.

First up, South London rapper and poet Kate Tempest is having her poem animated by motion artist Phoebe Boswell. Kate is an incredibly talented wordsmith with a style all her own, Phoebe is dedicated to finding the right architecture for storytelling so a perfect match.

Here’s Kate’s incredible poem Teens’ Speech

And a festive piece from Phoebe

Happy Holidays, Folks! from Phoebe Boswell on Vimeo.

Posted 20/12/2011

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