Francesca Beard & Ben Collier-Marsh

Next up we have Queen of British performance poetry Francesca Beard alongside award-winning director Ben Collier-Marsh.

Francesca Beard on Rothko

Francesca Beard on Rothko from B3 Media on Vimeo.

Ben Collier-Marsh – Triangle Love

TRIANGLE LOVE from Ben Collier-Marsh on Vimeo.

Posted 04/01/2012

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Salena Godden & Ivo Sousa

Book Club Boutique host, poet and performer Salena Gooden’s work is being visualised by London based director, motion designer and illustrator Ivo Sousa.

Salena performing at the Book Club Boutique

Gingin and Beerigubba from Maximilliana Doray on Vimeo.

Ivo’s 2011 showreel

Showreel 2011 from Ivo Sousa on Vimeo.

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Cerys Matthews & Pavel Ivanov

Hello! We trust you all had a great Christmas? We certainly did but sadly no rest for the wicked as we need to keep Word In Motion excitement levels high! So, with that in mind, here’s a few more collaborations to pique your interest.

Cerys Matthews; singer, songwriter, broadcaster, author and now supporter of Word In Motion. We’re very happy she’s on board. We’re equally happy that her poem will be transformed by the super talented motion artist Pavel Ivanov.

Cerys Matthews – Sweet Magnolia

Pavel Ivanov – 3D Bambi

3d bambi from Pavel Ivanov on Vimeo.

Posted 28/12/2011

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Katie Harland & Andy Rementer

Katie is an aspiring young poet and art director who submitted a great poem to Word In Motion. Andy Rementer will be animating the piece and bringing his witty and idiosyncratic style to the project.

Get a feel of Katie’s view of the world here –

Andy’s animation from 2011’s Smile For London exhibition

City Life x Smile for London from Andy Rementer on Vimeo.

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Ross Sutherland & Lizzie Mary Cullen

A perfect match this one. Lizzie’s intricate illustration will be a great compliment to Ross’ equally intricate words.

Ross Sutherland – My Shoes Are In Love

Ross Sutherland: My Shoes Are In Love from Ross Sutherland on Vimeo.

Lizzie Mary Cullen’s quick speed drawing animation

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Murray Lachlan Young & Ian Campbell

More collaborations for you…

Murray Lachlan Young has been a huge supporter and advisor to Word In Motion so we’re delighted that his work will be animated by the super talented Ian Campbell.

Murray Lachlan Young – Annie McClue

Murray Lachlan Young – ‘Annie McClue’ from The Queen on Vimeo.

Ian Campbell Dorkbot Regina Sept.24th 2011

Posted 22/12/2011

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Luke Wright & Peter Menich

Poet, broadcaster and co-founder of Aisle 16 Luke Wright will have his work brought live by Peter Menich from Zedzero Ltd. Another seemingly random collaboration but one that will no doubt prove very fruitful.

Luke Wright – The Ballad Of Fat Josh

The Ballad of Fat Josh from Luke Wright on Vimeo.

Peter Menich – Fast Fourier Transform

Fast Fourier Transform from Zedzero on Vimeo.

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Mikill Pane & Fiona Woodcock

Here’s an intriguing hook up and one we’re really looking forward to seeing the final result of: Rising star of UK Hip Hop and man about town Mikill Pane will see his fantastic poem animated by atist and illustrator Fiona Woodcock. On paper two very opposite artists, together…we shall see!

Here’s an example of Fiona’s illustrative work. Check her website out for more of her beautiful animations

The Snow Child from Verdant Films on Vimeo.

Mikill Pane – The Return Of Mister Pane…heads well and truly bopping!

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Collective Of Two & Musa Okwonga

A few more collaborations to announce today, many more to come. We’re teasing you we know!

Amy Thornley was a contributor to 2011’s Smile For London exhibition and has now joined forces with fellow designer Louise Lawlor to form Collective Of Two. Their skills will be put to good use animating one of the UK’s key urban poets Musa Okwonga.

Amy’s Alphamosh

Alphamosh from Amy Thornley on Vimeo.

Musa’s brilliant poem ‘Love, Against Homophobia (As The Power Fails #7 of 9)’ part of his work with The King’s Will

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Jarvis Cocker & Liam Brazier

We’re delighted to have Jarvis involved with Word In Motion and equally pleased that his poem is being brought to life by Liam Brazier who was a part of our Smile For London exhbition in January 2011.

Jarvis performing a favourite of ours here at Word In Motion towers!

Liam’s piece from Smile For London

Balloon (for Smile for London) from Liam Brazier on Vimeo.

Posted 21/12/2011

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