Suki Chan

Guest Artist Profile
Suki Chan’s practice combines light, moving image and sound within mixed-media installations to explore our physical and psychological experience of space. Suki Chan was born in Hong Kong but studied at Goldsmiths, and has worked as a multimedia artist in London for 10 years.


Which piece of moving image most inspired you to move into this field?
Work by American artist Tony Oursler.

What’s the weirdest thing to have happened to you when making a film?
I was filming in China for Interval II in 2007. One night, at the round house, I thought I could see a white figure with white hair standing at the bottom of the staircase, on the other side of the round house. I was alone and everyone had gone to sleep, but I needed to know if it was a ghost or not, so I walked round to get a closer look – upon close inspection, I saw a mop standing on end!

What’s your all time favourite music video?
M.Craft – Dragonfly, directed by Gemma Burditt.

What is your favourite thing about London?
The buildings in London.

Still from Istanbul