Simon Taylor/Tomato

Guest Artist Profile

Simon Taylor, originally of Essex, has been working in the film industry for 22 years.


Where are you based?

What is your favourite thing about London?
I love the sound of the city, the way there’s a rhythm hidden in the background hum. Out of the blue something surprises you and resets where you think you are, a hazy white noise, a sudden sharp jab and POW.

What influences and inspires your work?
For me Urbanism remains the source of much inspiration, the pulling together a lot of people who don’t (necessarily) fit neatly and throwing them into a (relatively) small space and seeing what happens. It is sometimes funny, sometimes frightening, often ingenious or compassionate, always inspiring. I am influenced by the process of existence and what we take from it, alongside the tactile and externalized experience; I’m really interested in cognition.

What do you enjoy most about working in motion?
How the process of thought overlaps to weave an idea or concept; Comparison, contrast, attraction, distraction. I’m biased towards media that involves a time element. There’s fluidity and change, reflection and anticipation all going on in the same moment. Finally I guess I’m more interested by a possibility than the absolute.

Einsturzende from Simon Taylor