Sarah Klan

Submitter Profile
Originally of Leicester, but now London based, Sarah Klan has been working as an animator with studio SquareZero for 4 years. Sarah uses After Effects to breathe life into her illustrated characters and play around with them.


Which piece of moving image most inspired you to move into this field?
When I was young my Uncle made a few stop motion shorts, and that’s when I became interested in animation. I remember watching his vhs of Jason and the Argonauts almost every weekend and thinking it was amazing. I was lucky enough to go to a presentation by Ray Harryhausen recently and saw some of his models up close.

What’s your all time favourite music video?
I love Numero 6’s video for the Supermen Lovers’ song Starlight. The character designs are beautiful, in a really ugly kind of way. I’m a big fan of things that are cute, but also have something a bit disturbing about them. I also like characters with silly long noses.

What is your favourite thing about London
Even though London seems so urban, there are so many lovely green spaces too. Hampstead Heath, the London Wetland Centre and Kew Gardens are all brilliant, but my favourite places are the almost secret ones, such as the gorgeous ruined churchyards deep in the City’s back streets, or Kensington Roof Gardens hidden high above the shops below.

What has made you smile today?
I saw a little sausage dog whilst I was getting my lunch.

Mr Snuffles on the Underground from sarah klan on Vimeo.