Pete Fowler

Guest Artist Profile
Pete Fowler has spent 16 years in animation design, he currently operates freelance and spends most of his time with mutant horses and banjo playing owls over at his virtual Monsterism island.


Do you get the opportunity to create your own personal work outside of
commissioned or commercial work?

I’ve always worked on my own projects around commercial jobs and often they have cross pollinated. I’m not sure how my work would develop if not for my own projects, my sketchbooks and drawings are seedbeds for so much of my work, commercial or not and I’ve been lucky to work with clients that appreciate that
side of my work.

What’s your favourite thing about London?
The people, without a doubt. Those I’m lucky to have as friends, colleagues and loved ones, that have all come to this city for one reason or another. To find and explore their own life and dreams in a city that can make them happen. The best creative city in the world in my opinion.

What’s your all time favourite music video?
Can You Feel It by The Jacksons, directed by Bruce Gowers & Robert Abel in 1980. I rediscovered this video again last year and considering the mainstream nature of the group the video is pretty psychedelic, cosmic and out there, using ‘state of the art’ SFX for the time and a wild imagination.

What has made you smile today?
I, the insane mess left in the hall and stairs from my neighbour’s Christmas tree! It almost looked like the place have been astro turfed but actually was quite pretty. Literally a carpet of pine needles everywhere! It was a nice reminder of a Christmas past, now that we move onward in 2011.