Nicolas Provost

Guest Artist Profile
Belgian artist, Nicolas Provost has been working with motion for 11 years. A collection of his films were recently exhibited at Haunch of Venison, London. Provost’s video works are characterised by their cinematic language, used in both experimental and narrative short films. He uses the language of film to manoeuvre and influence the interpretation of images and stories. He manipulates time, codes and form, twisting and shaping new narratives and experimental sensations that tightly bind visual art and cinematography.


Who/what are you most inspired by?
David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, Serge Gainsbourg, David Bowie, and the history of house music.

What do you dislike about the industry?
Film: The bad american ‘made to earn money’ films that take up all the movie theatre space and still charm the majority of the audience
Contemproary Art: Ugly work.

What is your favourite thing about London?
Shopping, Pubs, My friends Matt, Pete and Shaun.