James Wignall

Guest Artist Profile
Freelance animator, James Wignall, has been working in the industry for 6 years. Originally from Lincolnshire, James now operates in London as a motion artist/illustrator, and has produced work for clients such as MTV and Nike. Keeping busy he also writes for a variety of publications and organises London’s animation night See No Evil.


Which piece of moving image most inspired you to move into this field?
Having grown up on film and animation there are two pinnacle films that really inspired me to get into the animation field. The first one has to be the classic Beatles film, Yellow Submarine. Everything about it, the trip inducing story, the amazing art direction, illustration, the colours, everything is on just another level! The other film that really inspired me was Akira. I was a young impressionable 12 and it was just unlike everything I’d ever seen before. It warped my fragile mind!

What is your favourite thing about London?
Without a doubt it’s the fact that London is just so diverse. You can get absolutely anything here, from almost any country (money permitting of course)! It’s a huge melting pot of different cultures with so much going on, on your door step. It’s hard to ever feel bored and that’s what makes the city so special.

What is your all-time favourite music video?
Chris Cunningham’s delightful visual feast he created for Icelandic mental case, Bj√∂rk – All is Full of Love. Aesthetically stunning, clinical interpretation of what love is. The robot design very reminiscent of something that Apple might have made. Maybe this is what the future will be like if we keep buying iPads and iPhones?

Do you find it difficult to keep the balance between artistic integrity and financial gain?
This a tricky one! I don’t think it’s a matter of keeping a balance, but more keeping them separate. You try and make money by taking on commercial projects, which then in turn fund your more personal art projects. As long as you give your all into projects, commercial or not, then that’s what counts!