Submitter Profile
Andreas Karaoulanis, AKA “bestbefore” is an all round creator, specialising in abstract animation. Based in Athens, Greece, he has 7 years industry experience and currently operates freelance, working on commercial and self-initiated projects.


Which piece of moving image most inspired you into this field?
Mainly old stuff, experimental animations made without any advanced software. For example Len Lye’s frame by frame films that used to spend a lot of time creating all these abstract moving graphics, so the audience could translate them in their own point of view…I like this idea. Free moving images playing around let people create their own story and meaning. Other masters such as Normal McLaren inspire me also.

What do you dislike about the industry?
Most of the time companies tend to hire you for your own unique style and approach to a project, and later on this has nothing to do your idea and approach. It ends without any real creativity from your side, which was the first idea.

What’s your all time favorite music video?
There’s plenty of them, lately I enjoy “do you love me” by Bendaly family, generally I prefer real low budget ones.

Do you find it difficult to keep the balance between artistic integrity and financial gain?
Financial …what?

cigarette drawings from adrere on Vimeo.