Amy Thornley

Submitter Profile
Amy Thornley is a 22 year old student, currently in her final year studying Interactive Design at the University of Lincoln.


Where did you grow up?
In a small town, on the border of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

What’s your favourite form of motion to work in?
I’m not sure to be honest; I tend to approach each project differently. Most of my motion work has been constructed frame by frame or in an analogue way, I prefer to work in this way appose to using effects or filters in software. Saying that learning more aftereffects is definitely something I want to do, I just believe in using the software when needed not always going to it for a solution.

What’s the weirdest thing to have happened to you when making a film?
I made a stop-motion piece in my first year of university to represent the idea of hurrying to get ready in the morning. I used a pair of shoes as the character, so for this particular piece I had to animate a shoe brushing it’s “teeth”, blowdrying it’s “hair” and going for a shower, it was quite a surreal experience.

What is your all time favourite music video?
No Surprises by Radiohead, its simplicity is beautiful. In complete contrast, a close second would be the video for Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer.

What is your favourite thing about London?
I don’t come from London, or live there, but I do like to visit London. I’m always amazed by its vastness, it is so huge I feel you could spend an entire lifetime exploring it and you’d never see everything. That fact alone makes it great inspiration for a designer.

What has made you smile today?
With all the snow and cold weather we have had recently there have been some very odd sights around the country. Today I saw a swan that seemed to be literally walking on water. The top layer of ice had melted away, but the bottom remained so that it gave this illusion. I only wish I’d have had a camera.