Guest Artist Profile
Airside is an award winning design studio with a passion for animation.


Where are you based?
Islington, London

What is your favourite thing about London?
London has brilliant parks and green spaces, rivers and hills. So many other cities are more built up, but here, you can see the sky. Most of us love cycling in London as it’s the easiest way to get around. And of course, culture is world class, always exciting and hugely varied – we love going out to see new exhibitions, films and shows.

What has made you smile today?
Our assistant, Marine, and her crazy stories.

Do you get the opportunity to create your own personal work outside of commissioned or commercial work?
Yes, we have always made sure that we can do our own personal work. We have a shop on our Play site where we sell things we’ve made, and we do small animation projects when we can. We find that clients really like to see our self-initiated work so it feeds back into paid work anyway.

Do you find it difficult to keep the balance between artistic integrity and financial gain?
Yes, the balance between the two is always hard. Ultimately, we need to pay rent and salaries, so we need to operate in a world where we can get paid enough to meet our expenses. However, we *never* do a job just for the money. In our experience, it usually goes wrong if we do that anyway. We do very low budget jobs when we believe in the cause – we made two films for Live Earth, for instance and have been working with Greenpeace for years.