On The Dragons Tail, by Brede Korsmo

Our friend Brede, a Smile For London winner, has just released the trailer for his new film, On The Dragons Tail. Filmed in Rio De Janeiro, it is about kids flying kites, a cherished past-time among the young in Favela Santa Marta. Soon to be released on DVD, check out Wicked Wax Pictures for more detail.

Posted 16/06/2011

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  1. Danny Flynn says:

    On The Dragon’s Tail is a brilliant piece of filming and editing and has a load of beautiful footage of kite fighting from the roof tops of the favelas in Rio. There is hilarious footage full of joyous swearing and cursing (also translated into English) from one competitive silhouetted figure who seems to be king kite and appears to be either conducting hip-hop music or fighting with his hands in short little flicks as pulls on the barely visible strings. I would recommend buying a copy to watch over ad over.

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