Shades of Motion

Since Muybridge, revealed the secrets of the moving world, we’ve been fascinated with capturing and reinterpreting what we see around us.

Initially we toyed with our surroundings, our imaginations constructing narratives and breaking down structure, time (code) and space using simple yet effective editing techniques.

British Pathe’s newsreels gave a serious journalistic purpose to the new medium, communicating moving news and images to a wide audience. And in so doing, brought both the horrors of war and wonders of the world into our daily lives. This news along with promotional messages were the beginnings of what we know only too well today as mass communication.

Several decades on and motion has evolved into an art form. Through play, exploration, technology and creative urges the world of motion is now vast and adaptable. Almost any creation of the imagination can be translated into a reality for others to experience.

It is this wonderfully limitless world of motion and imagination we’re seeking to explore through our Smile Features. We’ll look at everything from up and coming artists, to established heroes. We’ll consider the relationship between sound and vision, marvel at animation catching up with reality, resurrect past pioneers of motion and ultimately aim to showcase motion in all its delightfully playful guises.