Dance Culture

Dance Culture – The Rebirth Of The Visual

At the end of the somewhat austere and bleak 80s where too much show was definitely frowned upon came an explosion of freedom and colour. Whilst I may look back at this time through rose tinted spectacles the era gave rise to a whole new development in the visual art/music synthesis and gave rise, thanks to the development in software, to a new generation of music orientated visual creatives such as Tomato who worked alongside artists like Underworld to great effect creating a whole new visual experience for the punter both in a live setting and via video.

A natural descendent of the earliest pioneers of art and music the VJ developed alongside the emerging dance culture and is a perfect artistic accompaniment to the cut and paste aesthetic of the DJ. Pioneered in the UK by the likes of Coldcut and The Future Sound Of London the growth of this medium will constantly develop as technology progresses and is an essential part of the synesthstic experience of vision and sound.

Hot on the heels of fellow countrymen Daft Punk, French producer Etienne De Crecy and the design collective EXYZT have created a stunning 3Dlight and music show. Both minimal and psychedelic in nature it is a sensory experience not to be missed and hopefully an indication that future musicians and visual artists will continue to push boundaries and collaborate to create new fusions of art and music.