Expanding Away

Straight from the Smile for London Talent Pool, New Yorker’s, Tripp and Jenna Watt’s new music video for MORNING TELEPORTATION and the track “Expanding Away’. Created with a vast array of materials, found objects, and crayola marker drawings, this pile of nonsense mixes stop motion, live action, motion graphics, and a little bit of 3d all within one gypsy invention of a carnival ride.

Expanding Anyway from Tripp/Jenna Watt on Vimeo.

Posted 09/03/2011

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  1. MumuGB says:

    Hi there!

    It was noce to meet you at the bloggers’ meet-up. I just gave you an award on my blog. You need to pass it on! Good luck to you. I love your site and I have spent 5 mins just watching the video of your front page…

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