Animation Schedule

Word In Motion is live!

Below is a schedule for week 1. Go check ’em out…

7am – 10am
Kate Bentley/ Simon Testro & Richard Lee
Jarvis Cocker/ Liam Brazier
Dan Cockrill/ Richard Jackson
Inua Ellams/ Jonathan McKee
Murray Lachlan Young/ Ian Campbell
Natasha Warren/ George Smyth
Martin Galton/ Martin Galton
Paul Lyalls/ Stefano Ottaviano
Imogen Wethered/ Martin Shannon
Hollie McNish/ Breathing Juice

4pm – 7pm
Francesca Beard/ Ben Collier-Marsh
Cerys Matthews/ Pavel Ivanov
Emily Berry/ James Bates
Courttia Newland/ Lore&Jun (Trunk)
Rebecca Shamash/ David Prosser (Studio AKA)
Dan Simpson/ James Bates
Kate Tempest/ Phoebe Boswell
Rick Holland/ Jessika Strataki
Jack Underwood/ Kristian Andrews (Studio AKA)
Musa Okwonga/ Collective of Two

Posted 17/01/2012

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  1. Jennifer Shannon says:

    Any plans to extend the run please as it did not go live on planned date and we wanted to catch it all?

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