How did it start?

Co founders Alex Stevens and Jo Kotas are both Londoners, born and bred. We love our city, its art, culture and people. Having lived and worked in London all our lives we know the Underground well, and mid recession, realised the untapped creative potential of the platform screens and how they could be used to brighten the lives of commuters, whilst giving the artistic community a wonderful new platform to exhibit their creativity to a huge audience.

Then, the idea came. Why not use the screens to show uplifting and inspiring films by the best artists to make the rush hour commute a more pleasurable experience?

Smile for London was born.

To prove the idea, we crafted a two-week pilot exhibition in January 2011. The pilot was a great success delivering a reach of 5.6 million, featuring across key press, blogs and websites with overwhelming support from both the public and artists alike. The story was even picked up by a South American news channel and delivered it to 25 million Latin Americans!

Recently, as proof of its success, Smile for London and our debut exhibition won the award for Best Non Advertising Content at Love Content 2011.

Click here to check out details of our January 2011 exhibition

What next?

We are now working together with our partners and the best artistic minds to turn Smile for London into a socially focused arts programme in London, and beyond.

Our latest exhibition Word in Motion goes live on the underground from 16th January 2012.

Click here for information on those involved – its very exciting!





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